Lucky Buddha Abundance & Love ritual


Brings untold Blessings and Abundance to you and your home. The Buddha has a peaceful, lasting and calming affect on its surroundings. Legend says that burning the Buddha Candle brings Good Luck & Fortune, Wealth, Health, and Joy to you. Helps you pause and slow down, so Thy Will be done, not your will.  He knows what is best for you. Amen.

Want money & favor? Sign up. After you have paid please email: with the following: Full name Birthday Brief REALISTIC Petition (what you want) (2 sentences MAX), example (I will have a new good-paying job This spell will be performed anytime after the new moon on BeGoodorganix Instagram page, live & saved for view


“Sample petition”

God, please give me money from known and unknown sources. Let money and favor flow to me daily. My bills are paid on time and with love. I want for nothing. I am provided for. I make more money than I spend. Blessings overflow for me. My credit is getting better and I save money easily. Amen

Name: First, Last

Birthdate: Month, Date, Year


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