Chinese Prosperity Coins

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Antique or replica, Chinese feng shui coins are a traditional symbol for wealth. A cluster or string of them in an auspicious location can boost positive chi and prosperity in your business or home.

Best Feng Shui Coins Placement

It’s obvious that lucky coins displayed in the wealth corner of your space (according to the bagua map) will multiply the good energy there and attract prosperity to your home or business. But you don’t have to confine the beautiful coin charms to one area.

  • Slip a knotted triangle of lucky coins into your desk drawer.
  • Tuck coins under the blotter of your desk or the rug inside the front door.
  • Wear a single coin or cluster of three coins as a medallion around your neck.
  • Hang a feng shui coin key chain from your dashboard mirror, your backpack or your actual keys.
  • Carry a coin as an amulet in your pocket or wallet.
  • Add them to your altar
  • Place a single coin in each of four lucky red envelopes, one for each corner of a room.
  • Suspend a string of knotted coins next to or over your cash register.


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