Be Good Money Drawing Candle

$65.55 usd

Attract money & abundance with our signature Money Drawing candle. Candle will come dressed in essential oils, herbs & powders. Write your petition (see below for sample) on parchment paper and place it under the candle. Burn candle for 7 days. Toss in trash after spell is done.



                   Petition Sample

First & Last name

Birthdate: (Month, Day & Year)

Petition: I am so grateful that money flows to me effortlessly. I am so happy I have more than enough money to pay my bills in full with love. I am a money magnet. Money comes to me from known & unknown sources. Blessings & favor overflow for me. I want for nothing.  Myself & my family are provided for. I have no worries. My fridge stays stocked with good food, my bank account is always in the positive. I make more money than I spend & I know how to budget & spend my money wisely. People go out of their way to save me money. I get discounts everywhere. Money works for me & everything works in my favor. I’m grateful to receive large sums of money. I am a money magnet. Amen.


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