Aventurine Tumbled Crystal

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While playfully referred to as the gambling stone, it is helpful to everyone as it is said to be one of the luckiest crystals. In connecting with the heart, Aventurine graces the spirit with a sense of excitement and optimism that makes jumping out of your comfort zone less scary. Bring abundance to your life Connect with your heart Jump out of your comfort zone If you’re heading to Las Vegas, forget about lady luck—Aventurine is the energy you want by your side! Known to many as the gambling stone, the name aventurine comes from the Italian word “a ventura” meaning “by chance.” All green gemstones are said to bring abundance, but the whimsical energy of this lucky crystal is especially conducive to the power of plenty. While it’s playfully referred to as a gambler’s stone, an Aventurine stone is helpful to everyone. Sometimes a gamble looks less like a game, and more like a fork in the road of your life; a time when you have to decide between what is sound and secure, or taking a risk. In connecting with the heart chakra, the Aventurine meaning graces the spirit with an easy sense of confidence. The excitement it stimulates can promote a more optimistic outlook that will make jumping out of your comfort zone less scary. Go from being a passive follower, to a dynamic leader by meditating with the energy of this Aventurine stone. In bringing harmony between mind, body and spirit, the Aventurine healing properties induce a sense of completeness to the spiritual space that will often translate into a newfound confidence. Use this increase in confidence and compassion to approach difficult choices or gambles with the heart first. Aventurine opens the heart chakra to help you recognize what truly excites you. By betting on what you love and are passionate about, you can’t go wrong. Feel an infusion of inspiration ignite your creativity. Let Aventurine carry you toward alternative paths to prosperity that you had not yet considered. They may be a bit of a risk, but fresh ideas can provide a different and valuable perspective.


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