777 Necklace (Gold Plated)

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Angel number 777 is a sign that the entire Universe is supporting you on your spiritual journey, even if you are really confused about your current situation.

This number brings really great news! You are being rewarded! The number seven repeated three times over is a sign from your angels, the Universe & Source, they are happy with the progress you’ve made and you are on the right path of your Divine life purpose.  Divine energy is there for you every step of the way and will continue to support your endeavors to make sure you stay on the right path.  Seeing angel number 777 means you are in energetic alignment with the Universe and are in a perfect vibrational match to brining in blessings, miracles, good luck, happiness, abundance, great opportunities, and a sign of your dreams coming true!  The message from your angels is recognition and applause for not only asking for their help but acting on your intuition and taking action on guidance from the Divine.  All that is happening in your life right now, or is soon about to enter is a result of your work on staying positive and being an energetic match to manifesting everything you desire in this lifetime.  The angels & Universe want you to continue feeling these positive high vibrations so even more blessings can fill your life.

As a high vibrational number, 777 resonates with a spiritual awakening, collective consciousness, development of spiritual gifts (intuition, clairvoyance, empathic abilities), and part of your purpose here on Earth is to spiritually evolve and applying what you have learned to inspire, teach, and be of service to others, leading by example.  Seeing angel number 777 is a gentle nudge to continue learning about spiritual practices and even explore topics, hobbies, or skills that spark your interest.  Take this time to get to know yourself better.  What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What are some of your best qualities? What is it that sets you apart from others? By doing this, we become self-aware and more in touch with our true selves, which leaves less room for the ego to intervene.

With angel number 777, the Universe wants you to know you’re ready for this next big chapter of growth in your life! Get excited!

It has been suggested that the number 777 appearing time after time in your life may indicate there is a strong guardian angel or spirit guide trying to help and protect you.



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