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  • $555.55

    Would you like to hire me to do your spells? Sign up now for our *custom spell deal. Get (2) custom spells done by me on our community altar. Each spell is a (10) day spell. From money to love, my spells can help you manifest a better life.


    Directions: Sign up here then send your proof of purchase to the Be Good Line at 3233623362. Send your petition to You will be added to my waiting list. Your spells will be started as soon as an altar space becomes available. Once your spells are completed, you may have the option to stay on the community altar for a fixed rate of what you’re paying now.  I will choose who will stay at my discretion.

    I look forward to helping you manifest a better life.

    *spells excluded in this deal (St. Expedite, Court, Debt)

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $101.11

    Do you need prayer and blessings? Sign up now for our 24hr, Blessings and prayer service. This service will be done for 24hrs on our altar.  This is a new daily service.

    Directions: Sign up here then send proof of purchase and your petition to the Be Good line at 323.362.3362. Spell will start in 24-48hrs. A video will be sent to the phone number provided, via text. You can extend your burn within 24hrs by paying for this service again. You can extend your burn as many times as you’d like. If you’re extending your burn, please provide your proof of purchase via text.

    Here is a brief petition sample. Feel free to add to it.

    Blessings & Prayer Petition Sample

    First and Last Name:

    Date of Birth: M/D/Y

    Petition Sample: God thank you for blessing me in so many ways. Thank you for opening doors to opportunities and blessings. Thank you for removing doubt and fear in my life and replacing it with peace. Thank you for providing me with good health and a great outlook on life. I am so grateful to have peace of mind. Thank you for blessing me daily with money to pay my bills, feed my family and live comfortably. I am so grateful for your grace and mercy in my life. Amen.


    Please be advised this is a virtual service. No products will be shipped  



    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $155.55 usd

    Feel like you have blockage? Need doors opened for you to attract money and abundance? Participate in this community spell. Include your full name, birthday & petition in an email and send it to

    Spell will be done any time after a new moon.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $777.77

    Do you need lights set for you? Do you want a candle burned for something specific? Need a love spell tailored to your needs? Need protection work done? You’re in the right place. I do not perform dark or black magick of any kind. Please pay here. Then send your petition and proof of purchase to

    You are paying for (1) Custom spell. Additional spells are $555 each depending on the spell, it can go up to $888 or more. It depends on your situation.

    I perform spells of all kind. Jail & Court spells are $888 & up. Please text if you need court or jail work. Please text 323.362.3362 if you have questions.

    Spells I offer for $555.55

    – Money






    -Open Road

    AVAILABILITY: Out of stock

  • $77.77

    Do you need more exposure for yourself or business? Do you want to grow your social media following? Want more views on your videos and reels? Do you work in the entertainment industry and need to land more jobs? Participate in this ritual and watch more people watch you!


    Directions: Sign up for this ritual. Then send your petition to

    Spell will be posted exclusively to Patreon.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $6,111.11

    Are you ready to manifest a better life? Would you like me to perform your spells for you? Sign up for this service & I will personally perform all the spells above for (5) months non stop. Each month I will send you pictures and videos of your spells when they start and when they are completed. I will focus on uncrossing you and opening new doors to opportunities like love, money & so much more.

    Directions: Sign up here. Then text 323.362.3362. I will set up a call to get more information on your current needs with my spells. From there I will advise you on what spells I will perform and when I will start.

    There are no refunds. This is a tedious process. Please be mindful of the work and time frames listed above. I look forward to helping you manifest a better life.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $155.55

    The Lions Gate Portal is now open until August 12.2023 & peaks on 8/8. This is the perfect time to set your intentions for manifesting over the course of the next 6 months. What are you manifesting?

    Directions: Pay for the spell here, then send your petition ( your desires) to

    Spell will be done on live 8/8 at 9:35pm

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $75.55

    Need some self love? Want to practice more self care to attract t others that love you too? Sign up for this ritual and send in your petition to


    Spell will be done tonight on Instagram live.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock


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