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Mercedes’ favorite spiritual books & recommended reads
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    Want to learn more about crystals & their uses? Buy this crystal book set that includes this book and (3) crystals.

    In this book, you will find crystal grids, crystal prescriptions, details on popular crystals & so much more.

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    New to smudging? Check out this book with tips that will help you learn what smudging is & how to maximize the benefits of different smudge sticks.

    This book comes with a set of popular, sustainably sourced smudge sticks, (1) Organic Palo Santo Stick & (1) Organic Sage Stick

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    Welcome to Mercedes’s Book Corner. Here you will find spiritual book bundles to assist you on your spiritual journey. I personally love to read & I love bundles so I thought why not combine the two, like my fave Scholastic book fair use to have when I was a child. Here’s an exclusive bundle for getting to know more about love, soul mates & twin flames.

    This bundle includes the following:

    • Twin Flames & soul mates book with a handwritten note from me 
    • (1) Rose Quartz Heart- Carry or keep in your altar
    • (1) Strawberry Incense-Use will setting loving intentions 
    • (1) Organic Rose Satchet- Use this for tea, bath, carry them, etc. 
    • (1) Organic Tube Love Me bath-Take this bath on a Friday night. 

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