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    It’s a new moon! Which means it’s a great time to manifest money.

    Do you need to manifest more money? Sign up for our community money ritual to manifest more money. Money can come in the form of favors, discounts, raises and more.

    Directions: Sign up here then send your  *petition to Spell will start on Instagram live and continue to burn for 24hrs on our altar. This is a virtual spell  no products are shipped

    Sample petition

    Petition Sample

    First & Last name

    Birthdate: (Month, Day & Year)

    Petition: I am so grateful that money flows to me effortlessly. I am so happy I have more than enough money to pay my bills in full with love. I am a money magnet. Money comes to me from known & unknown sources. Blessings & favor overflow for me. I want for nothing.  Myself & my family are provided for. I have no worries. My fridge stays stocked with good food, my bank account is always in the positive. I make more money than I spend & I know how to budget & spend my money wisely. People go out of their way to save me money. I get discounts everywhere. Money works for me & everything works in my favor. I’m grateful to receive large sums of money. I am a money magnet. Amen.

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