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    Lucky hand root- One of the most sought after magical botanicals, this curiosity is deemed lucky and is thought to protect from harm. Carried on the person for luck and general success. A charm to obtain and maintain employment and secure protection from all ills. If you need love – wear it near your heart, if you wish to travel – place it in your shoe, if you need money – carry one in your wallet/purse.  Often used in Mojo bags as an amulet for success in lottery, playing and gambling.

    14K Gold Plated Talisman & Prayer in mojo bag- From the 6th & 7th Books of Moses. Are you contantly having bad luck? Increase your fortune in games of chance by carrying or wearing the Seal of Play Good Luck & Games

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    Burn these incense daily to attract money, good luck & prosperity to you. Includes (4) boxes of incense.

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    Want to be happier and manifest success obtaining your goals? Looking for a new job, car or home? Use this candle to help manifest your desires of success.

    Directions: Write your desires on a piece of paper. Include your first and last name as we as birth date. Place it under the candle. Start burning this candle on a Monday after a new moon. Do not leave the candle burning unattended. After the candle has burned completely, you can dispose of the candle by breaking it in a brown paper bag and throwing it in the trash. You can keep your petition in a safe place or burn it.

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