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  • $151.11 usd

    Want to increase business? Write your desires on a piece of paper with your full name & business name. And your petition. Place underneath the candle & burn it on a Thursday or Sunday to bring more customers to you.

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  • $133.33

    Ready to take your business to the next level? Want to increase your sales? Get more clients? Want to start a business? Sign up for this Better Business spell. Please email with the following:

    • Proof of purchase
    • First & Last name
    • Full Birth date (ex. 01/01/2003)
    • Petition: Your desires. What you would like  (No screenshots please. Text only)

    Ritual will be done on IG live at 9:35pm Cali time.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $275.55 usd

    Want to start a business or increase your income from your business & get more customers Use this kit that includes the following:

    (2) Better Business candles

    (1) (3) day Better Business bath soak (make it a scrub by mixing with our Body wash)

    (3) Crystals ( Green Aventurine, Citrine & Flower Agate)

    (1) Gold Hundred dollar bill


    Directions: Write your petition then place it underneath the tray. Add sunflower petals to the tray & place the candle & crystals on the tray. Start burning the purple candle first after a new moon on a Thursday. After the purple candle is burned all the way down. Start burning the green candle using the same method listed above. You can use the same petition. Each day you leave, feel free to carry the crystals with you as they will be charged from the candle spell.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock


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