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  • $49.99

    Need a spiritual reset? Feel “heavy”? Join our uncrossing ritual to get a spiritual reset and remove bad luck and crossed conditions.

    Sign up for the ritual then send your petition to


    Ritual will be done on Instagram live.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $225.55

    Want your own personal honey jar worked on our altar weekly? Looking to make life sweeter, DAILY?

    Pay then send your petition to Your jar will be worked for (4) weeks. You can sign up monthly. If you have not signed up for an additional (4 weeks) your jar will be disposed.


    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $175.55

    Looking to get daily money spell burns? Well look no further. Here you can pay to be added to MY personal, daily prosperity money/open road/ better business spell.

    Just pay, then send your petition (your desires, what you want, first/last name & birth date.) to, then text the Be Good line (323.362.3362 w/proof of purchase) Only send your petition ONCE. This will add you to my personal morning burn for the week. (7 days). Now, if you’d like to participate weekly,  just come back & pay.

    *This mini spell is great for use in addition to you doing your own spell work as well as continuing to participate in our group rituals. Participating in this daily money spell will get you daily money movement.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $111.11

    Want to attract Wealth and Prosperity in your Divine Feminine essence? Sign up for this ritual. I will use this Yoni candle during ritual to attract your desires in money, luck, love & obtain more feminine strength & balance.

    Directions: After you have paid please email : with the following: Full name Birthday Brief REALISTIC Petition (what you want) example (I will have a new good paying job )


    This spell will be performed at 9:35pm on IG live

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $55.55

    Need prayer? Sign up for our weekly Lady of Mercy ritual. This weekly ritual will be done at 11:11am every Sunday on our community altar. We will light our Lady of Mercedes candle and send in prayers for forgiveness, mercy, grace, healing, protection & manifestation.

    Directions: Write your petition. Include your first & last name as well as birth date. Write out exactly what you need help or prayer on. Thank lady Mercedes  in advance for working things out for you.

    Ritual will be done at 11:11am and a post will be done in our story and a reel. Spell will go on for the entire day. You may sign up for this service weekly.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $133.33

    Need to lose weight & stop overeating? Sign up for this spell.

    Pay then send your petition (what you would like to lose) with your first and last name, birthdate to


    Sample Petition 

    Weight loss Petition Sample

    Name: First & Last

    Date of Birth: Month, Date & Year


    God/Universe please heal me from this food addiction. I am grateful to be losing unhealthy fat and weight and I eat healthier foods every day. I love to exercise and I am happy to see the weight coming off of my body in a healthy way. I thank God I have lost 40lbs by eating healthier foods and exercising. I now live a healthy, wealthy life full of purpose and vitality. My body is healed and so is my mind. Amen.

    Spell will be done on Instagram live when the moon wanes @begoodorganix

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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