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  • $65.55 usd

    Do you want to attract a luxurious lifestyle? Burn this candle daily to start living the way of the wealthy. Accomplish your goals and start enjoying the fruits of your labor. Burning this candle will find you experiencing more luxury in your life.

    Directions: Write your petition then place it underneath the candle. Burn daily starting on a Thursday to bring you a more luxurious life. Once candle is done burning, toss it in the trash and repeat the spell. As long as this candle is burned back to back, you’ll maintain your wealthy way of life.

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  • $125.55 usd

    Have a court case! Want to win? Allegedly use this candle to have favor on court & win.

    Directions: Write your petition down then place it underneath your candle. Burn on a Tuesday. Once candle is finished you can toss it in the trash. Continue to burn this candle until your desires are manifested.

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  • $125.55 usd

    Use this yellow open road candle to remove blockage and open doors to success, abundance and prosperity.

    Yellow candles represent spiritual enlightenment and prosperity. Light one to enhance your intuition and gain a new understanding of the world around you. Light a yellow candle if you also want to attract financial success and security.


    Directions: Write your petition (your desires on a piece of paper) place the paper underneath the candle and burn on a Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday. When candle is completed, toss it in the trash. Repeat the spell to keep abundance, success and prosperity, etc. Pair with our money candles


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  • $35.55 usd

    Use your zodiac candle to enhance your zodiac’s positive energy and characteristics.

    Zodiac signs available:








    Please include the candle you want at checkout in the notes.

    Directions: Write your first and last name, birthdate (include year) on a piece of paper. Place the paper underneath the candle. Burn daily. Toss candle in the trash when done. Burn this candle any time you need to feel like yourself.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • Showing 201–204 of 204 results


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