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    As winter closes out, the flowers will start to bloom and usher in our New Year aka Spring Equinox. Our new 2024 Spring Equinox candle is hand crafted & intentionally blessed by our owner, Mercedes. She has created each candle with the intention of manifesting blessings during the Spring. Burn this candle any time during the Spring when you want to manifest blessings.

    Directions: Write your petition then place it underneath the candle. Burn anytime you want to manifest. After the candle had burned completely, toss it in the trash.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $122.24

    Today is 2/22/24. It’s a magical day. So of course we are taking advantage of this current portal opening with an Open Road spell.

    Feel like you have blockage? Do you feel stagnant and unmotivated? Need doors opened for you? Participate in this community ritual. Include your full name, birthday & petition in an email and send it to BeGoodspells@gmail.com

        Open Road Petition Sample

    Name: First, Last

    Date of Birth: Month, Day, Year


    I am so grateful blockage is being removed from my life & doors are opening up for me in ways I never imagined. I am so happy to have a career I love making more money & working with amazing people. I am so happy I can pay my bills in full monthly & that debt leaves my life. I am grateful to have an amazing, loving relationship with someone that loves me unconditionally. I am grateful for my wealth, good health & continuous blessings. Everything always works in my favor. Amen


    Spell will start on Instagram live and continue for 24hrs offline on our altar.

    ***This is a virtual service. Nothing will be shipped.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $122.24

    Today is a magical day. It’s 2/22/24.  It a great day for manifestation. We are doing a community money spell to bring money to you with this amplified energy.

    Directions: Sign up here. Then send in your petition (see below)  to begoodspells@gmail.com. Spell will be done live tonight on Instagram. This is a 24hr virtual spell. No Products will be sent.

    Money Petition Sample

    First & Last name

    Birthdate: (Month, Day & Year)

    Petition: I am so grateful that money flows to me effortlessly. I am so happy I have more than enough money to pay my bills in full with love. I am a money magnet. Money comes to me from known & unknown sources. Blessings & favor overflow for me. I want for nothing.  Myself & my family are provided for. I have no worries. My fridge stays stocked with good food, my bank account is always in the positive. I make more money than I spend & I know how to budget & spend my money wisely. People go out of their way to save me money. I get discounts everywhere. Money works for me & everything works in my favor. I’m grateful to receive large sums of money. I am a money magnet. Amen.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $65.55

    Would you like a mini dowsing reading? Do you need confirmation? Would you like me to advise you regarding a particular concern or question? Book here for a mini dowsing reading.

    Directions: After paying, send proof of purchase via Instagram DM (mshealthycanbegood) & up to 5 questions. I will reply within 24-48hrs. Monday-Friday only. My reply will be done via video. I will also provide you with a spiritual prescription (what you need on my website to fix whatever issue you have).

    You can book this service weekly or daily

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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So on Monday I purchased Powerball tickets. And I just noticed the money roller here. So I put some under my left breast and both hands. Lite some incense. Something told me to check this morning, and guess what, I won $107.00. I don’t care what they say, you are the truth! Thank you very much! I will be buying more and making a donation. You can’t forget the helping hands.

S. Johnson


Hi, I just wanted to express my gratitude for your services, also I wanted to share my update to enlighten your followers. I participated in this month’s money spell. This was my first money spell. Its been a few days, and I have received $50, $200 and another $200 randomly. I have had friends offer to give me gifts etc. Thank you so much for this, this makes me believe in you more! Much love, keep doing what you are doing, I appreciate you so much.

T. Lester